Talking Tom and Friends is a brand of Outfit7 Limited, one of the fastest-growing family entertainment companies on the planet that has outsourced rights for exclusive global licensing to its partner TT & F, Licensing Company, Limited. Talking Tom was downloaded more than 1 million on the second day of the application’s release. Than rise to 11 million after 11 days. The app was used by 27 million people in the first month of its release. Talking Tom application downloaded by 5.9 billion people is downloaded 240 thousand each month. The number of online users per month is 348 million people. Many award-winning My Talking Tom won the ‘Best iPad Game: Kids, Education and Family’ award at the 2014 Tabby Awards. Talking Tom and Friends: The Animated Series won the ‘Best Animated Series’ at the 2016 Cablefax Program Awards.


‘TalkingTom’ app that has been popular in many parts of the world since 2010. In practice, which is a simple and funny rationale; “” By mimicking the sounds of TalkingTom users, many people admired the application and quickly became one of the most popular phone applications. TalkingTom, an interactive application, has introduced itself to many different versions of the user’s requests. ‘TalkingTom and Friends’ own expressions, used differences in app, and existed in the real world with videos and social media accounts. Not just in app, but in other social media circles fans follow TalkingTom and their friends. YouTube and Facebook have a lot of followers. TalkingTom and Talking Angela, who just do not speak, and also sing, have been the most watched videos of Disney Music with 316 million views on YouTube. TalkingTom and Friends’ animation series are broadcast on many popular television channels. TalkingTom and friends have many products. Books, t-shirts, promotions, telephone accessories,



Hi, guys! I’m Tom. You’ve probably heard of me, right? I’m the leader of the gang. I am the alpha cat. The big kahuna! I am the “big picture” guy. My ideas are legendary. My dreams are big.


Hi there! I’m Angela. I’m not into tech like Tom and the guys – I’m a singer and one day I’m going to be a big star! I like to have fun and hang out with my friends.



Hi there! My name’s Hank. I’m Tom’s trainee (and his super amazing roommate) and, if you ever need to find me, the couch in front of the TV is my domain.


A young and charming character, Ginger exemplifies Tom and his gang. He loves jokes with Hank. They want to be like them in the future. She loves candy.



He’s smart, He’s funny. He is very talented in inventing.

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