Our Content – Sponsoring


Thanks to the publications of AI-Turkey in more than 10 languages, you’re making your brand known at a global level when you become a sponsor for channels that reach millions of people in more than 100 countries.

AI-Turkey content is 100% reliable, thus highlights and brings value to your brand. AI-Turkey’s content is above YouTube quality standards, which leaves a sustainable impression on a loyal audience.

Our Content – Product Placement


Join the adventure and become a partner! Before starting the process of content production with AI-Turkey, we identify the “product placement” areas taking into consideration a professional point of view.

You may place your products based on the points where our audience gets the highest interest. Take advantage of this feature that no other advertising model offers.

In addition, we can also reproduce our content under the scope of a product placement project that brings high-level interaction, fashioned especially for you.

Our Content – Viral Marketing


Our content comes to the forefront as it earns the respect of our audience. If you want your brand to be influential, let our heroes do it for you. Bringing your brand’s values into our scripts is one of the most satisfying processes for us.

Our characters will make the best use of your brand in our content and introduce it to the audience with a custom-made statement!

Production – Dubbing and Translation


For decades, we have established and managed media platforms in different countries. We have managed TV, films, books, magazines, and conventional media tools with multinational companies.

We offer dubbing and translation services in 20 languages —particularly Asian languages— customized for the video market. Let’s bring your content to the world with affordable packages, specially designed for businesses that benefit from YouTube.

Production – Animation Creation


As our namesake implies, animation is our passion! We fuse artistry and passion to create cost-effective projects by our local and international artists.

Our dedicated illustrators, experienced animators, and talented directors bring excitement to life. Let’s bring your dreams into pixels!

Production – Channel Management


We write, draw, animate, shoot, upload, watch, and, most importantly, localize and manage!

There are many management areas in digital projects, but we have become specialized in many digital broadcasting platforms, in particular, YouTube.

With our online video professionals, we may light your way in the fields of broadcasting strategies, advertising campaigns, video optimizations, mass management, crisis management, digital positioning, YouTube/Google SEO, and many other technical areas.

Localize To Globalize – Multi Language Publishing


We are specialized in bringing our own content to many cultures in different languages. Feel free to make use of our program Localize to Globalize as a service or become a partner to reach millions of people.

Take advantage of our online network while you are growing your business, so let’s grow together! Take your place in our concept channels in any of the languages we provide.

You can expand your channel access using subtitles and/or dubbing to reach different people with different cultures.

Localize To Globalize – Partnership with Our Channels


Our team understands the value of content and the importance of internet traffic. By creating content, we experience firsthand how valuable it is to a producer.

We create our own content and, closely experience how it is valuable to a producer. You feel like you create great videos but you are at the bottom of the ladder; you expand your audience with each passing day but you think you deserve more or feel that your content you create in your own language would also be appreciated in different languages.

We are very happy that we have created a model, through which you may present your content to a large community for free of charge in our hub channels in many languages.  And you are more than welcome in our content hub. Remember, words have power.

The content you create in your native tongue can also be beneficial to many viewers when it gets translated into their language

Localize To Globalize – World Wide Representation


Content creators/producers can encounter legal, financial, and other obstacles while working on their production-broadcasting, even in their own location. We are always striving to solve any digital-based problems that may surface in different situations.

We welcome new partners and offer a multinational network managed from a single center with 13 local offices and more than 20 partners throughout the world!