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The book series “Popcorn The Imagination Bear” is a pre-school anime series adapted by Debbie Howard & Bill Schultz.

Popcorn the Imagination Bear is a very popular series of children’s books that have been selling for the past few years in several countries around the world.

And the audience continues to grow! Emotional learning is the focus of each book in the Popcorn the Imagination Bear series. The theme of each book is appropriate for pre-schoolers.


Popcorn is a bouncy bear with ticklish paws who pops with imagination, bounces with attitude and crackles with creativity!

In each episode of Popcorn the Bear, Popcorn and his pals will solve every-day pre schooler problems by tapping in to their imaginations and coming out with unique solutions. When Popcorn is faced with a problem, he starts to think.

Popcorn, his friends and the viewers take off on a journey into Popcorn’s imagination. Popcorn the Bear’s favorite food is cakes, least liked is to lose the comfort blanket.

Popcorn The Bear Products

Popcorn The Bear is designed for 2-6 aged children.

With its unique style and soft colors, it adds an additional value to every product.

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