Doraemon is the most popular IP with the highest TRP in all children’s programs. Doraemon the most common licensing network with 360 degree approach.* It is among the best selling manga series in the world with 100 million copies sold. The following values are important in Doraemon’s Anime:


Honesty, Perseverance, Courage and Respectful.


Doraemon also transcend social consciousness to children. Mercy for animals, struggle against global warming, love for greenery and struggle against environmental pollution are some of them. In March 2008, Japanese Foreign Minister to Doraemon appointed the first “anime ambassador” for Japanese cultural services.


*Statistics are based on ASIA

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Doraemon is a Japanese manga series made by Fujiko F. Fujio. Manga was published in 1969, in anime (animated cartoon drawn in Japanese drawing art) on TV in 1979. Doraemon is most famous anime in Japan which has around 2000 and is still ongoing. The Japanese embrace the Doraemon as an anime Ambassador who introduced Japanese culture.


Doraemon is a cat type robot created on September 3th 2012 and travelled time back with Nobita’s great-great-grandson Sewashi to protect Nobita himself. Although Doraemon always trying to do something with good intentions. Doraemon sometimes pulls out gadgets of his 4-dimensional magic cell in his belly put things in a worse position.


Doraemon, known as the blue-colored robot cat coming in the future is always good-willed, always smile and cannot stop eating Dorayaki.

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As Animation International Turkey family, we have presented the products of our trademarked Japanese anime series Doraemon’s to the Turkish market.


Suntastic Dry Fruits, Doraemon Gizz Puzzles with Doraemon Backpacks, Lunch Bags and Pencil Boxes are our products currently on the Turkish market.


Doraemon has been telecast on Disney Channel since January 2014. One of the first 3 programs to watch among the Disney Channel’s own programs.


Because of this, Disney Channel also increases the frequency of Doraemon broadcasts in its own program stream, giving viewers more opportunities to meet with Doraemon. One of the most important features of the Doraemon is its deep roots, and it has more than 2,000 episodes because it is a series of cartoons based on years ago. It is able to offer a very rich content to both Disney Channel and Doraemon fans.


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