Arty Mouse is the only brand to teach early learning concepts through the medium of art. Through visual learning, Arty Mouse teaches children to express themselves and what they see in the world around them before they can read or write. All Arty Mouse products include notes for parents and different learning outcomes for different ages. Arty Mouse is the lead brand character and magically comes to life when a child draws or makes him. Arty Mouse won ‘Brilliant and highly recommended’ Creative Play Awards.



Arty Mouse Magically came to life when a child draws or make him. He loves art. Although Arty Mouse may be small, he’s big on creativity, and is a master at all forms of art and craft. They always create something, and what they do is always causing their smile. The enthusiasm of all kinds of art is contagious. Each friend has a special characteristic, which reflects the way they look, and how they approach creative play and art.




A super–cute bear who joins the dots, and prints and creates patterns to make pictures.



Bold geometric shapes are what Geo likes the best. Geo sees the world through shapes and makes all of his pictures by combining basic shapes.

Rainbow Birds

These friendly birds add the colors of the rainbow to everything they touch. Coloring or mixing colors can always be seen in their artwork tweet-ments!


Messy art and craft fun is Splat’s specialty! Splat loves spattering and adores printing, but most of all, Splat likes splashing paint about!


Spirals are in nature everywhere! Slow down and spot them with Spiro. Don’t forget squiggles, curls, whirls and wiggles — Spiro likes them too!



A loveable but unkempt dog who just loves to scribble. Scribble is energetic, excitable and is always dashing around — traits that are reflected in the character’s art.


Stripy by name and stripy by nature, especially when drawing! As well as stripes, this cool cat loves textures and shading.

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